A Woman's Place
Season 1, Episode 1
Air date 18 January 1994
Written by Tony Morphett
Directed by Mark Callan
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New constable Maggie Doyle arrives in Mt. Thomas. She is faced with not only rampant chauvinism but the fact that she will be stationed with her ex-boyfriend, Constable Wayne Patterson, who has recently moved there with his wife Roz.

On her first night in town, Maggie encounters local girl Sally-Anne after she is raped by her boyfriend, Bruce Maclean. Sally-Anne makes a formal complaint but after Bruce pressures her, she attempts to withdraw it. When she discovers that this isn't possible, Sally-Anne tries to commit suicide but is found by Maggie and Nick who are able to revive her.

Tom sends Maggie and Wayne out to speak to farmer Mick Doherty about his parking fines. When Mick's dog breaks free from its chain, Maggie is forced to shoot it to protect Wayne prompting Mick to start firing back at them. To make amends, Tom is forced to go out and have a yarn with Mick, and with the help of PJ, gets Mick a new dog.

Main Cast 

  • John Wood as Tom Croydon
  • Lisa McCune as Maggie Doyle
  • Martin Sacks as P.J. Hashim
  • Grant Bowler as Wayne Patterson
  • William McInnes as Nick Shultz
  • Julie Nihill as Chris Riley
  • Ann Burbrook as Roz Patterson

Supporting Cast 

  • Radha Mitchell as Sally-Anne
  • Josh Picker as Bruce Maclean
  • Richard Moss as Mr Maclean
  • Keith Eden as Mick