Adverse Possession
Season 1, Episode 36
Air date 20 September 1994
Written by John Coulter & Justin Glockerla
Directed by Riccardo Pellizzeri
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Escape Route
The Folly of Youth


An elderly land owner returning to the district to retire stands to lose his land due to an abscure law. His niece Hillary Edmunds, PJ's old flame from the Stock Squad, returns to Mt. Thomas to help her family retain their property. The property dispute escalates with an arson and spreads to involve the families' children.


Jennifer Botica as Hillary Edmunds

Harold Hopkins as Geoff Lovett

Hannah Barry as Tracey Lovett

Broderick Smith as Max Lovett

Fletcher Humphrys as Simon Lovett

Graham Dow as Stan Horvath

Marijke Mann as Elsie Horvath

Scott Meneilly as Motorist

Kylie Moppert as Teacher