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Blue Heelers Wiki is for the Australian television show Blue Heelers, which aired for 13 seasons (1994-2006). Based around a fictional country town in Mt Thomas, Victoria, the show followed the the local police station and lives of the officers. As well as everyday policing matters, the series deals with many controversial and "touchy" subjects. The series was the first to examine the stressful world of young police officers who are "thrown into the deep end where they are left to sink or swim".

Police procedures were enormously popular in Australia in the 1960s and 1970s, but by the 1980s they had been replaced by home-grown soap operas and mini-series. Blue Heelers, however, was Australia's most popular television drama while it lasted. The series drew more than 2.5 million viewers every week at its peak. Along with HomicideBlue Heelers holds the Australian record for most episodes produced of a weekly prime-time drama. It was also nearly the longest-running series, but Homicide lasted one calendar month longer and, due to five feature-length episodes, had more time on air. Blue Heelers has also gained recognition in the UK, Ireland, New Zealand, Canada and other countries. It has been sold to 108 territories.

This Wikia was created circa 2009 and was relaunched during the winter of 2017. It is an attempt to compile as much information as possible about Blue Heelers and to keep it as accurate and well ordered as possible. ~ 'True Blue Heeler'  21/6/17







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