Deirdre Elaine McKinley
Dash 002

Portrayed by

Tasma Walton


128 episodes

First Appearance

3.21 - The Kremin Factor

Last Appearance

6.23 - The Full Circle

Dash McKinley, played by Tasma Walton, made her first appearance in "The Kremin Factor", which was broadcast during Season Three on 18 June 1996. One of her major story-lines occurred during the 1998 season, when she was diagnosed with cancer. Dash was the youngest of nine children. She had a kind personality but a big mouth. She and her family always seemed to be the first to know the town's gossip and everyone's business. The character departed on 28 July 1999.


  • Dash doesn't drink alcohol. She always sticks to water, even when joining the other Heelers for a 'drink' at the Imperial.
  • Is quite fond of decorating her pens and pencils. She is often seen sporting a troll doll on her pens when she writes.