Doing It Tough
Season 1, Episode 2
Air date 25 January 1994
Written by Peter Kinloch
Directed by Gary Conway
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A Woman's Place
Why Give People Rights? They Only Abuse Them
Local farmer Bob Crowley is due to have his harvester repossessed. Nick and Maggie are assigned to escort the repo agent, Mr. Miller, to the farm but arrive to discover it's been stolen prompting a lot of finger pointing. Later that day, Maggie tries to have a word to Bob's daughter, while Miller and his mates return to the farm and rough up Crowley. Turns out that Grace and her boyfriend had "hidden" the harvester so that her father could collect the insurance so he wouldn't lose the farm. Needless-to-say, Miller insists she be charged.

On the personal front, Roz is trying to establish a beauty parlour at the watch-keepers house. Wayne doesn't get around to asking Tom for permission and when women start ringing the station for facials, Roz is found out. Tom spits the dummy and closes her down before she really starts.

Meanwhile, when local handyman David Tufnel is found dead, a long-held secret is revealed and Wayne learns the hard way that whoever signs the body over to the morgue has to assist with the autopsy.