Escape Route
Season 1, Episode 35
Air date 13 September 1994
Written by Judith Colquhoun
Directed by Chris Martin-Jones
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Labour of Love
Adverse Possession


When a car crash victim turns out to be a battered wife, the Blue Heelers discover how difficult domestic cases can be when the woman refuses to press charges. Adam falls for Maggie but as rumours about a budding relationship begin to circulate around the station, Maggie makes it clear there will never be anything between them.


Bruce Myles as Frank Neilson

Grace Parr as Yolanda Roberts

Christina Azucena as Pina Neilson

Peter Williams as Barry Roberts

Adam May as Ambulance Man

Emily Robinson as Nurse

James Wright as Doctor

Evan Zigmantis as Hoon 1

Greg O'Meara as Hoon 2

Alan Spalding as Bernie

Axl Taylor as Barman