Face Value
Season 1, Episode 38
Air date 4 October 1994
Written by Hugh Stuckey
Directed by Mark Piper
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The Folly of Youth


Tom is puzzled when he sees Father Leary talking to two con artists who are selling herbal remedies to the locals. In a subsequent encounter at the Imperial, Tom finds that Leary has become distant and rude. Then, a car accident involving Father Leary has the Heelers puzzled as to what really happened when it is discovered that elements of the accident scene were staged.

Main Cast 

Supporting Cast 

  • Nicholas Hope as Father Leary
  • Ken James as Matthew Balfour
  • Joy Westmore as Mrs. Buchanan
  • Lynne Nicol as Nadia Balfour
  • Elizabeth Welch as Sandra Buchanan
  • Josephine Keen as Josephine Harris
  • Lesley Baker as Mrs. Flynn
  • Rusty Bertter as John Ratten
  • Marty Fields as Laurie Ratten
  • James Wright as Doctor
  • Eric Donnison as Sergeant Peters