Mad Dogs and Englishmen
Season 4, Episode 1
Air date 10 February 1997
Written by Ysabelle Dean
Directed by Richard Sarell
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Panic sweeps Mt. Thomas when an outbreak of a rare animal disease begins to kill humans. When Maggie suddenly collapses, PJ is desperate not to let the disease, which has already claimed two lives, take his beloved Maggie.

Nick's reign as Acting Sergeant is rapidly turning into a nightmare as he deals with Keith Purvis and a mob of panic-stricken farmers. Having decided the spate of deaths had been caused by rabies, they slate the responsibility home to a couple of English migrants, their young daughter, and her dog.

Main Cast 

Supporting Cast 

  • Felicity Steel as Elspeth Armstrong
  • Richard Aspel as Phillip Armstrong
  • Jacinta Oliver-Cook as Annabelle Armstrong
  • Reg Evans as Keith Purvis
  • Karen Davitt as Dr Zoe Hamilton
  • Rachel Blakely as Gina Belfanti
  • Russell Kiefel as Mal Truesdale
  • Maud Clark as Joan Truesdale
  • Colin Duckworth as Tibor Kerenyi
  • Axl Taylor as Barman Len