Mind Games
Season 3, Episode 24
Air date 9 July 1996
Written by Susan Hore
Directed by Kevin Carlin
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The Principle of the Thing
Duty of Care


PJ and Maggie must examine the events of the past to solve an allegation of child abuse when a woman unleashes some recovered memories from her childhood. Dash and Adam work to identify an assault suspect with no clues other than a blind man's desciption of the offender.

Main Cast 

Supporting Cast 

  • Alexandra Sangster as Anna Croydon
  • Tamsin Durrant as Emma "Bridget" Matthews (see Trivia)
  • Peter Curtin as Dr Matthews
  • Margot Knight as Mrs Matthews
  • Fiona Corke as Thea Copeland
  • Paul Karo as Dr Fielding
  • Fred Rowan as Scobie
  • Ron Kamoen as Towie
  • Bronwen Coleman as Offender
  • Leif Hughes as Kid Brother
  • Gabriel Egan as P-Plater
  • Naomi Davies as Young Emma Matthews
  • Szumai Anderson as Precision Driver
  • Taylor Dow as Baby Sam


  • Tamsin Durrant's character is credited as Emma Matthews but, curiously, she is called "Bridget" in the episode.