Old Sins, Long Shadows
Season 3, Episode 19
Air date 4 June 1996
Written by Jennifer Rowe
Directed by Steve Mann
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The Art of Deception
In Unity is Strength


Maggie investigates a homicide on the sly, and Adam deals with a complaint from a high school principle about the circulation of pornographic material in the area.

Main Cast 

Supporting Cast 

  • Annie Jones as Angela Harrigan
  • Terry Kenwick as Clyde Harrigan
  • Bronwen F. Gault as Debbie Listwan
  • Marty Fields as Geoff Wiley
  • Kevin Hopkins as Detective Lazar
  • Richie Akers as Dave Thorn
  • Heath Campbell-McLean as Brendan Wiley
  • Robyn Bishop as Lyn Trebeck


This episode was written by Jennnifer Rowe who would go on to co-create (with Blue Heelers co-creator/executive producer Hal McElroy) and devise almost all the stories for the successful series Murder Call which would debut in 1997.