Sex and Death
Season 3, Episode 6
Air date 5 March 1996
Written by Michaeley O'brien
Directed by Kevin Carlin
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Day of Reckoning
Not In My Backyard


When the Heelers are called out to a nasty road accident they are shocked to discover that one of the injured is Adam Cooper. What exactly was he doing in a car that appeared to have been drag racing and what else is he hiding from them?

Main Cast 

Supporting Cast 

  • Raelee Hill as Jamie Bennett
  • Nick Waters as Inspector Faulkner
  • Benjamin-Grant Mitchell as Troy Keogh
  • Keir Saltmarsh as Snr Sgt John Hawkins
  • Terry Gill as Clive Adamson
  • Craig Goddard as Tony D'Angelo
  • Susan J. Arnold as Stella Downer
  • Justin Anderson as Delivery Boy