Susie Raynor
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First Appearance

The Lowest of the Low

Last Appearance

One Day More

Reason for exit

End of show



Senior Constable

Main romance

Known relatives

Portrayed by

Simone McAullay

Susie Raynor joined the station in season 11, as a constable transfered from Melbourne. Her wheelchair bound husband, Brad also moved with her to Mt. Thomas. The transfer occurred just after Brad had left the Police force due to a car chase in which a teenager died and Brad lost the use of his legs. Susie spent her first year attempting to save her marriage, which had been troubled since the accident, and Brad spiralled into depression. After a drunken night, Brad was shot by Ben Stewart in self defense.

Susie went on to show great strength as she stayed in Mt. Thomas and worked her into a Senior Constable position.