Season 1, Episode 39
Air date 11 October 1994
Written by Anne Brooksbank
Directed by Chris Martin-Jones
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Face Value
Without Intent
A drug raid based on a tip-off goes wrong when the drug manufacturers get wind of the raid. With their joint operation blown, the coppers from Mt Thomas and St Davids point accusing fingers at one another and Maggie's relationship with Detective Neale puts her in the middle of the dispute. When money and booze go missing from the Imperial, Chris suspects her pretty new bartender, a friend of Adam's.

Supporting Cast 

  • Richard Huggett as Det. Con. Sean Neale
  • David Glazebrook as Det. Sgt. Grantham
  • Christine Keogh as Hannah Kentish
  • Kevin Summers as Greg Walters
  • Peter Sardi as Richard Kentish
  • Chris Waters as Det. Sgt. Saunders
  • Shawn Unsworth as Vega
  • Alex Schepisi as Melissa
  • Monty Maizels as Old Man