The Art of Deception
Season 3, Episode 18
Air date 28 May 1996
Written by David Allen
Directed by Chris Langham
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Fight Dirty
Old Sins, Long Shadows


The Mt. Thomas Festival of the Arts causes headaches for Tom and Chris. Nick attempts to break down the fence between two feuding neighbours and PJ searches for a grow op.

Main Cast 

Supporting Cast 

  • John Jacobs as Benny Danders
  • Vince D'Amico as George Katsoulis
  • Ben Thomas as Ross Danders
  • Annie Gagliardi as Helen Katsoulis
  • Christopher Milne as Patrick Munroe
  • Alexandra Sangster as Anna Croydon
  • Nield Schneider as Simon Brophy
  • Tobi Webster as Gary Brice
  • Eugenia Fragos as Roula Katsoulis
  • Simon Moody as Marijuana Grower
  • Russell Frost as Marijuana Grower
  • Taylor Dow as Baby Sam Croydon