Thomas 'Tom' Croydon
Tom char main

First Appearance

A Woman's Place

Last Appearance

One Day More

Reason for exit

End of show



Senior Sergeant

Main romance

Nell Croydon (deceased), Grace Curtis (deceased)

Known relatives

Children: Anna Croydon (daughter, with Nell), Susan Croydon (daughter, with Nell), Nelson Curtis (stepson, via Grace), Daniel Curtis (stepson, via Grace) Grandchildren: Samuel 'Sam' Thomas Croydon (via Anna), Daisy Allcroft (via Anna)

Portrayed by

John Wood

Thomas 'Tom' Croydon appeared in the first episode of Blue Heelers, as Sergeant of Mt. Thomas Police Station, and soon after was promoted to Senior Sergeant. His rule for 'Country Policing is all about people,' this become the motto of the station and the rest of the officers. Tom continued to appear in all 13 seasons.