Why Give People Rights? They Only Abuse Them
Season 1, Episode 3
Air date 1 February 1994
Written by John Upton
Directed by Paul Moloney
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Doing It Tough
While giving a talk at the local elementary school, Maggie meets local school teacher Liz Shields and her husband Brian. Having served in Vietnam, Brian is very anti-gun but when he gets into a minor prang with some city duck-shooters, he goes berserk and accidentally discharges one of their guns in the street. Tom agrees to release him on bail if he promises to stay out of trouble. PJ writes shields off as a wacko but Maggie feels there is something more to it. When Shields is found dead the next day, the finger is pointed squarely at the duck-shooters.

When pressed by PJ, Liz admits that her husband had terminal cancer and committed suicide using a gun to send a message about guns and violence. PJ and Homicide's Rob Cole are not convinced but soon the media arrive and tell the wife's story. Finally, Maggie gets some circumstantial evidence that Liz killed her husband but it's too late as she is now a media darling and they could never make charges stick.

Meanwhile, Roz has bought herself a new car so she can start a mobile salon but the added workload results in her falling behind with her cleaning duties at the station. With help from Nell, Tom finally contracts the work out to a local widow.