Without Intent
Season 1, Episode 40
Air date 18 October 1994
Written by Peter Gawler
Directed by Riccardo Pellizzeri
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Family Matters
When a carpet shop is ram-raided and a body goes missing from a funeral parlour, Tom believes it is more antics from the B&S Ball revellers who are running amok in the town.

Supporting Cast 

  • Penelope Stewart as Julia Fogarty
  • John Lee as Clive McLean
  • Pip Mushin as Simon
  • Stephen Scully as Terry Fogarty
  • Simon Wilton as Fergus
  • Paul Monaghan as Howard Brown
  • Penelope Shelton as Dr Charlotte Webb
  • Simon Hughes as Dave Fogarty
  • Robyn Bissett as Imelda Thornton
  • Monty Maizels as Jeffrey Thorton
  • Judith Mary Stewart as Farm Lady
  • Kevin Grise as Gary Fogarty