Season 1, Episode 4
Air date 8 February 1994
Written by Anne Brooksbank
Directed by Judith John-Story
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Why Give People Rights? They Only Abuse Them
Waiting For Apples
Wayne are Roz are celebrating her new business when the phone rings — there's been a burglary at the local antique store, the latest in a spate of local break-ins. With PJ occupied with a "girlfriend," Wayne is forced to stand guard all night. Meanwhile, Maggie and Nick arrest "Blackjack" Eagan, an ex-copper and hero of PJ's. It turns out Eagan is hanging round Mt. Thomas to avoid some crims he had put away who are due to be released. Tom asks Nick to drop the charges so that Eagan will move on.

The next day at the home of a client, Roz sees a pair of earrings which she thinks could be a match for a pair stolen during another burglary — it doesn't help that the client's husband is an ex-crim. PJ makes a reluctant Roz provide a formal statement, and as a result of telling police information she learned on the job, her business suffers. PJ gets the woman's husband to finger the fence he brought the jewellery from, a travelling jewellery salesman and a close friend of Chris. With help from Eagan, they manage to nail the man for fencing stolen goods.